COOLTRANS is a specialist in customized frozen transport

Deep-freeze transportation is essential in the food industry because frozen foods must arrive at their destination in optimal condition. This requires expertise, well-trained drivers and high-quality truck At Cooltrans, we make sure your cargo is transported from point A to point B with the proper freezing temperature maintained.

COOLTRANS’ quality requirements for frozen transport

Like no other, we at Cooltrans understand that your frozen products need to arrive at their destination as quickly and as fresh as possible. Food safety is therefore at the heart of transporting our frozen foods. We guarantee that your frozen foods are transported safely, hygienically and under controlled conditions.

Frozen foods are transported at -18°C. At Cooltrans, the temperature is constantly monitored, allowing us to prove to you in black and white that your products were delivered in fine condition.

Our food safety system is based on HACCP principles and meets legal requirements.

Cooltrans has obtained organic certification.

Our capabilities in frozen transport

Do you have diverse loads, scattered delivery locations and variable volumes? We plan the most efficient and environmentally friendly routes for transporting your frozen goods.

In one transport, both refrigerated, frozen and unrefrigerated products can be transported thanks to our Bi-temperature system. This system allows us to combine your frozen transport with your refrigerated transport, while constantly monitoring the temperature. This allows us to guarantee with certainty that your products will be delivered in optimal condition.

Our daily deliveries include a range of products, including organic frozen foods, gluten-free frozen foods and deli items such as macarons and ice creams. Whether it’s individual packages, pallet shipments or full loads, we offer flexible options for groupage or direct transportation from point A to point B.

Do you have another product that requires frozen transport? We are happy to think with you and always find a customized solution. We are ready to meet your transportation needs with efficiency and reliability.

Frozen storage

We also offer the option of not only transporting your frozen foods, but also carefully storing them in our well-equipped warehouses for both short and long periods of time. Our warehouses are equipped with all the necessary facilities, including advanced refrigeration systems and temperature controls, to keep your frozen foods safe. Whether you need temporary storage or for a longer period of time, we guarantee that your products will be kept under optimal conditions. This gives you peace of mind and assurance that your products are always fresh and of high quality, ready for distribution when you want them.

We are ready to work with you to find the perfect logistics solution for both the storage and transportation of your goods. Feel free to contact us or request a quote directly.


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